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fundamentals of nursing by kozier and Erbs 9 or latest edition.
foundation of nursing & first Aid by Usman D.S etal.
anatomy and physiology by seeley Stephens Tate.
the nature of nursing:the Ghanaian nurse's perspective by Ofei Victoria.
public/community Health practice by Ofei Victoria & Abakah Quansah
community nursing in developing countries by Byrne,M. & Bennett,E.J
Bruner & suddarth's textbook of medical and surgical nursing.
essentials of paediatrics by Wong.
psychology:An induction by lahey B.B
Campbell's physiology notes by John Campbell.
common medical & social Issues of nursing concern in Ghana:the role of the preventive nurse by Ofei Victoria.
Nurses Dictionary/Midwifery dictionary
English dictionary
8 large notebooks
2 graph books
4 jotters
4 exercise books.
student mattress
2 pair of brown/ black shoe(rubber sole)
green material for 2 uniforms and white material for apron and cap will be provided by the school--GHS130.00
sewing fee female only--GHS50.00
plain light mauve material (4yards) -females
already sewn plain light mauve trousers and top for theatre--male(check from administration for style)
school cloth(Friday wear) will be provided by the college - GHS50.00(female)


1 school tie for males will be provided by the college - GHS20.00
a pair of nurses scissors,I box of disposable gloves and 1 box of surgical gloves.
1 crepe bandage
digital thermometer
bailliere's study skill for nurses/ midwives 5th or latest edition by Siam maslin-prothero.
verrals,sylvia:anatomy and physiology applied to obstetrics(RM)
*Bennett,V.R,Brown,Linda k. Myles textbook for midwives 12th - latest edition(RM)
1 Bedsheet - 100 by 75 inches - plain white,light Mauve or pink(for demonstration).
1 cutlass/hoe

this is wat korle-bu NTC gave me,I dt noe abt oda colleges.ope it's helpful.

kincypher, thanks so much for this good info.
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