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As a prepaid subscriber, you can buy internet bundles on your internet dongle or mobile phone (you could even recharge your dongle and SIM with your phone if you are unable to enter the 14th digit on the recharge card using the MTN FastLink interface).

If you are buying a bundle

for your phone or
for your dongle through your phone,

be sure to have airtime that is sufficient to buy the desired bundle. Then dial 138# on your phone. This displays the various packages available for you to choose from. So if you want to buy 4GB for example, you should have 60GHC or more airtime. With this condition satisfied, press the key on your phone which will allow you to enter a response, then enter the number for the desired package and send.
You will receive another response
Confirm purchase of GHC-(M/G)B.
1 confirm
9 Cancel
so respond by entering, 1 and voila.. you will receive an on-screen message that you have successfully bought your bundle. You can check your balance (
124#) to confirm it.

On the other hand, buying a bundle directly from the dongle would look like the picture below.

Type *138# to display the available bundles

Open MTN F@stLink software. Click the Prepaid button. Then click the Account tab to open the USSD dialogue box . Type *138# into the textbox and click Send. This shows you the bundles like in the left picture. Now, type the number corresponding to the desired bundle into the text box, and click Send. This displays a window like below. Enter 1 into the text box to confirm your purchase, or 9 to cancel it. Click on the

Confirm your selection

Send button to receive a confirmation of a successful purchase or cancellation.

If all is well, you should have a message confirming a successful purchase. You can go back to the Balance tab to check your account balance. If you want to check your balance through text on your dongle, click on Prepaid in the F@stLink software, then click on the Account tab in the USSD dialog box. Enter *124# in the text box and click Send voila.. you should have your balance information.
PS: Just a quick bit of information; MTN charges half price for off-peak browsing. Off-peak hours are between 12 am and 5am. Go easy browsing everywhere you go!..

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