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To Activate MTN Zone

Type/Enter 1351# and press Send / OK to activate the service on your phone.

To view discounts on your phone
Activate the Cell Broadcast set up on your phone. Cell Broadcast is a feature that enables you to view all MTN Zone discounts right on your phone.

To activate the Cell broadcast on your phone.
Type /Enter 1354# and press Send / OK. After this, turn on the cell information display feature on your handset. Activation of the cell broadcast depends on the mobile handset.

To activate cell broadcast on Nokia

Go to phone setting
Activate the cell info display

To activate cell broadcast on Sony Ericsson

Go to your settings in messages
Select your Area info
Activate your cell information

For more information Type / Enter 1351# and press Send / OK or call 111.
It's a great time to be on MTN, get in the zone now and enjoy your world of amazing discounts!