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What is it about

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Art Industry

the industrial production of decorative applied arts objects used to enhance daily life and the interiors of homes. Such objects include items of clothing, fabrics for clothing and upholstery; machine-made carpets and rugs; furniture; decorative glassware, porcelain, and faïence; and objects made of metal, including jewelry.

The art industry produces widely used articles such as fabrics, glassware, china, and metalware. However, articles produced by the art industry differ from other articles used in the home (and often manufactured in the same enterprises) in their distinctive and original shape, ornamentation, and color and are often true works of decorative applied art.

The originality of the artist who creates the design of an object is of great importance in the art industry. The given object is manufactured by means of lot production or mass production, under the control of the designer and with the participation of a group of artists, engineers, technicians, and workers. The basis of the technological process is machine production, for example, the mechanical equipment and automatic looms at carpet combines, and the printers and jacquard apparatus at textile factories. Nevertheless, many enterprises of the art industry still make considerable use of manual labor, although most of the manufacturing processes are mechanized and even automated. Examples are faceting with diamond dies and making specialized objects of blown glass at glass factories, and the painting of porcelain and faïence. On the whole, however, it is the intensive use of machines that distinguishes art industry enterprises from those for the production of folk handicrafts, in which manual labor predominates.
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