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If a man will be loved by a woman of all greater qualification...what must the man have to do....?

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etata, what do you mean by greater qualification? Love is the value of an equation where there are at least two variables, ( man and woman.) The factor of love is generally relative and not constant. On the average, a woman needs a man that can protect her and her unborn children. The man should show signs of responsibility for the woman, her desires and hopes, her unborn children and even her friends. This signs of responsibility can be in the in form of physical strength example, a man who looks strong and has big muscles, it can also be in the form of material possession, example having money, dressing well or living in a nice house etc, also your social status can be a sign of responsibility example a man in authority. These are all signs of responsibility that a certain man can protect woman and make her happy and also protect her unborn children. Women need men they can boast of to the world especially their friends. Can the girl you love boast of you to their friends? Can you emotionally make her stable since a lot of women are emotional unstable? Can you be a man all the time for her? Are you emotionally reliable?

When it comes to women, its all about their feeling. Can you make her FEEL secure? Can you make her FEEL proud of you? Can make her FEEL like you can buy her the world? You don't have to have anything. All you need is to be able to make her FEEL what she wants to feel. Do this and you will never loose anyone you love. Note women are smart. They know when you are lying but they just don't care because deep down, they just want to believe you.