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Hello lawyer,
                    I am somehow deficient when it comes to matters of the law and would like  you to illuminate to me on an issue or two which will  be highlighted in this write-up. I unfortunately lost my father in 2010 and recently got to realize he might have some money in the bank which we started to pursue to be used to do some renovations on our house and also take care of my kid brother all because of how optimistic we became after finding that out, even though we aren't aware of the exact amount we might have in his account . the bank acknowledged our request to be allowed to have access to the money and indicated to us the process we must undertake first, the manager went ahead  and issued to us a form to be sent to the court for an approval ,which is rightly termed as an affidavit if I am correct. Upon our arrival at the court and meeting the court attendant or clerk and explaining to her the reason for being there ,she persistently demanded we tell her the amount we have in my dad's account which we refused cause non of us was privy to that information after the bank manager also refused to tell us when that question was asked. This clerk after not being satisfied with our response regarding the amount  requested us to pay a tune of Ghc 1000 for them to process the the document and affidavit for us. This threw me in a muse,for we don't even know the amount we are  chasing and also is a personal account and not some sort of account registered in the Name of a company which will somehow be justifiable enough to charge such an amount, to avoid bombarding you with a repetition of what I've already written so far, I will like you to clarify for me the right amount to be paid to the court for the affidavit to be processed for us to be able to access the money . I am also looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

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Kindly contact our office line for assistance on this issue

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