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greet the panel members.... eg...gudmorning panel members

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Dont sit down till you are told to do so.
Look all the interviewers in the eye and never look away or frown.
Feel free and relax as soon as you sit down.
Don't lean forward in your chair rather sit back and relax. Leaning forward is a sign of cowardice.
Never fold your arms on your chest boys !eave that at home.
If you are confused or do not understand a question say pardon? so that you can think about it.
Never ever say no comment or no idea.
If possible, don't talk with your hands. Talk with your mouth alone. Sing language is for those who cannot speak.

Relax, relax, and relax, Don't worry about getting a question right because there is no right answer in an interview question
Don't worry about being honest. Lie when you have to. Tell the truth when you have to.
Goodluck though you wouldn't need it.

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