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My brothers are twins and are going to write their bece soon. They are asked to choose their various schools and yet they are confused of what to choose, they are intelligent but the environment and teachers or people they found theirselves with discourage people from picking 'A' schools that they might not get school since they attend gov't school. Secondly because my parent don't have enough money and me that is suppose to bring something home for up keeps im also sick in the house. So my mother suggest they go to technical school where basically they will learn electricity. im not in support of the idea, i dont want them to go to technical school that is because most of the people i see graduating from that school doesn't continue... only this 20gh jobs they will be doing and when there is none its hard to feed... i hope we are in millions now so i can make them offer the best courses and live just good but im locked up. so please advice me if you are in my shoes.
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With the advent of free she,  money for school fees shouldn't be a problem for choosing any school. If you believe in their abilities to get and cope with academics in a class A school, then I will advice you encourage them to go for it. If they have talent in technical field too, I will advice you encourage them to do technical.  Please don't encourage them to do technical if they are not good in maths and they don't have the passion and  the talent for it. Advice them to believe in themselves and go for the class A school.  And help in any way you can