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Weddings in Ghana can be as costly as you want it to be depending on how glamorous the wedding is going to be.

For instance before you can do a wedding in Ghana, you need to perform engagement first. The engagement cost depends on the family of the bride and their specific traditions. Some cultures like the Akan people will demand for things like schnapps, cloths,bags, settlement for the brothers of the bride if any, and also currently engagements are a big occasion which means that some partying must take place. Also, engagement ring have become a popular thing now all cultures accepts the engagement ring.

After doing the above,then you can think of a wedding.Weddings too you will need a wedding gown, there will definitely be a party and of course a wedding ring and this is for starters. so let me say that before you can think of a wedding , currently you must have at least 3,000 cedis to waste.

On the hand, you can go to the court to marry there. This can be done after getting the approval of both families. Of course it is possible you might not have to pay a dime but it can be that you might have to settle the family of the bride a little.This might cost you around 500cedis if done right

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