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difference between Mathematics and B.ed Mathematics

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The Mathematics courses are the same, whether you are doing a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) or Bachelor of Science (BSc). The difference comes in the other courses you want to study for your programme.

If you prefer to study languages, history, sociology, English and literature or other arts subjects, study with the Faculty of Education. If you would prefer to study Science courses, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, Computer Science or other sciences, study with the Faculty of

Also people who would like to be math teachers, lecturers, professors etc. People who are interested in teaching mathematics mostly offer B.Ed Mathematics whiles B.Sc Mathematics is for any body who would like to dig deeper into into science related courses using math as a foothold.

in the job market Employers sadly or happily do not care!!! The only thing they care about is that you have a degree in x from y university with a gpa of z. Thats all

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