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How to propose a girl u met for first time and collected her phone number ,after chatting with her asking how is she feeling wat next to make her feel lyk continue talking to you

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Step 1. Get to know her If you want help on how to propose to a lady for relationship, you should know that blurting out ‘I love you’ to random anyone isn’t an option. And I’m hoping you didn’t consider doing anything of that sort. The key to asking a lady for a relationship also means asking for her commitment on something mutual. And commitments aren’t easy to give or ask. So try to take things smooth and steady. Try to get to know her. I’m assuming you two aren’t friends yet and so the first tip would be to become one. To do that, you need to know her likes and dislikes, and a few little things about her. Talk to her so that she starts being comfortable around you. Talk to her regularly and don’t forget to add a touch of flirting in the conversation. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t get overboard. Adjust to her level of comfort with you, and don’t force your flirting on her. Step 2. Ask her contacts when she's ready Once she’s comfortable with you, it’s a good time for you to ask for her number. Being in contact is easier now that we have Facebook and Whatsapp. Start your chat with something interesting like “Hey there, James here. Not Bond, James Hayden. Remember?” Say something that compels her to reply. This will help your friendship become reliable. You two can now talk when you meet and even when you don’t. Keep the flirty nature on. You’re here on a different mission; not to be her best male friend. Step 3. Adapt to each other Don’t jump on asking her out on a date yet. Assuming that both of you are good friends by now, if you haven’t already; get to know her friends and let her know yours. The fun part is to go for a movie or mini adventure with her and some friends. During that period, put all your attention on her. Don’t keep staring at her like a murderer. Just try to let her feel you’re there for her. And hey, getting to know her friends wasn’t just to go out together. The point is that friends always perceive things. Her friends will notice how you have been attending towards her and probably tease her. Teasing has helped build quite a few relationships. It’s an added charm on all your hard work. Once the teasing has gone for a few days, it’s time for you to ask her out. If everything is going as intended, you can assume her answer to be a ‘yes’. Now it can be just the two of you at times. Step 4. Start asking her out It’s important for two of you to be alone when you ask her out. If there are others around, she might not feel comfortable enough to agree. A girl needs space and time to think. So don’t rush things. We’re here in this part only by imagining that you two are good friends and hang out together. Keep her smiling by using that creative sense of humour you possess. Don’t spoil things by making weird or ugly PJs you looked up on the internet. Try to make situational jokes. They go better. Step 5. Prepare for your girlfriend proposal Don’t ask how to propose to your girlfriend with a promise ring; we aren’t there yet. Decide a place similar to you so that you don’t freak out when trying to propose. Pick a place beforehand. Start with your usual small talks so that she doesn’t get a weird vibe from you. Girls are smart and they can guess what’s cooking just by looking at you. A good advice would be to make her laugh by cracking good jokes. That’s when you break the egg. While she is still having a fun time laughing at your jokes, start telling her how you feel when she’s around. Tell her some of the best memories you’ve made. Tell her something like “I like you a lot. Would you like to go out on a date with me?” Don’t push it. Give her a while to catch her breath and let it sink in. In case she does not, it’s totally upon her. Just tell her you wanted her to know and you’re okay with it. If she likes you the same, she will say ‘Yes’. Don’t go crazy either way. Proposals are best in person. Proposing over texts or calls will never mean what you could mean by yourself. Step 6. Make a proposal to your girlfriend with a promise ring If you already know how to propose to your girlfriend with a promise ring, you don’t need to ask how to propose a girlfriend for marriage. Promise rings are probably the most valued gift to a girl. But before you reach the ring part, here’s what you should do. Plan things out first: You only live once so you can make no mistakes. This is the biggest decision one makes in a relation. Remember, you need to make the mood romantic and a memory worth cherishing. Choose a place she’s comfortable with. This is really important to make sure she doesn’t panic. A nice idea would be the place where you two first went on a date. Keep everything wrapped up from before so that you don’t need to focus elsewhere. Assuming that everything went accordingly, it is safe to think about taking your relationship to the next level, unless she has a problem with it. Before knowing how to propose to your girlfriend with a promise ring, you need to set up the tone of the air. You can do that by- Token of love: It is a nice gesture to tell her how much you appreciate her being in your life. Do that with the help of a box of chocolates or bunch of flowers. Since, in this generation there is no difference between how to propose to a Christian lady, Muslim lady or a Hindu lady, don’t get stuck with your approach. Unless you put a gun in front of her on the table, what you’re doing is alright. It’s better if you try it with the ring. If you’re in a restaurant or hotel, a seemingly good plan would be to let her finish her meal. You can give her the box of chocolates as dessert and tell her how good the time has been all these days with her. Tell her how she makes you feel and the things you like most about her. And then, you can tell her the- Three magical words: A marriage proposal can never be proper without the three words. But before everything, remember to be absolutely sure you want to do this. These words will be what that defines your love. And if you’re sure, don’t over-think and tell her what you are supposed to. You probably know the answer. And that will decide the rest of the future. If you have done everything right, you won’t regret it 

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