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This quetion is always asked but the figures given always vary?

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Hello Jonny,
Please note that in ghana currently salaries are paid in the government sector by qualification and qualifications alone. The wages and salaries commission do not yet have a comprehensive list of all SPSS workers with specific figures. So anytime someone should ask a question related to salaries, instead of using the official estimates, we use the real estimates paid by the government to real people in the teaching industry. If you say headmaster, headmaster is an arbitrary term in SPSS because there are several people in Ghana with just diploma degrees that are head masters, also we personally know of people with just shs certificate that are headmasters of some schools in our country ghana. So in SPSS or in real teaching life there is currently not a salary range that "HEADMASTERS" Fall into. Degree teachers end between 800 - 1200GHC this range is the estimates of several degree teachers teaching at several institutions in real life. We have decided not to use the arbitrary salaries of SPSS because no teacher gets paid that in real life. Diploma teachers have a wide range of salaries starting from 500 - to 800. This range can even reduce to as low as 300ghc depending on where you teach what you actually do in the school. So to calculate the salary of the headmaster, you need the official qualification of the headmaster, the level of headmastery i,e, primary, jhs, or shs? then you determine the specific allowances received in real life by several headmasters of a certain level say JSH and finally combine it with their real life SPSS salaries. As you can see, to arrive at estimations is no small matter. This problem exist because our dear wages and salaries commission nor the accountant general or even the ghana statistical service do not yet have a database of salaries with predicted patterns that can help a person tell the actual salaries of a worker.We are looking forward to actually build such a database ourselves but it will take some time and a lot of money obviously. So we apologize for the seemingly inconsistent estimates but thy arise based on information provided by a questioner which forms the bases by which we give estimates. Thanks