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People are aware of herpes in Ghana. It broke out in 2008 and there were some campaign by the health community during that time. Right now, herpes is still around, it is still dangerous like before but people do not care anymore. There is a problem that health educators are facing throughout the world. When a new disease is identified, there are strong campaigns to educate people on it. if the campaigns are done too much and repeated over and over again, the disease in question becomes normal and hence the danger of the disease reduces drastically so people do not care about it anymore. This has happened to diseases like HIV, hepatitis, herpes etc By trying to vigorously educate the public, they have now become normal and their initial fear of the disease has diminished. If you do not educate people well too, they become ignorant of the dangers and therefor stand a high risk of infection.

The highest prevalence of herpes is in sub-Saharan Africa, where prevalence reached a maximum of 70% among women and around 55% among men. Subregional analysis for sub-Saharan Africa reveals that the prevalence was high in eastern, middle and southern Africa, and lower in western Africa.Herpes is more common in developing countries than in developed countries. Ghanaian attitude about herpes can be divided into two. Those that know so much about herpes that they do not fear it anymore and those that know little to nothing about herpes. Both attitudes are very risky and hence herpes will be around for a very long time.