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meal in inexpensive restaurant 10-15gh

meal for 2 midrange restaurant (three course meal) 50-100ghs

combo meal at MacDonald or similar 6-10ghs

domestic beer 0.5liter 2-5ghs

imported beer 0.33liter 3-5ghs

coke/pepsi/fanta 1-3ghs

water 1bag 2 - 3ghs

water 1bottle 1.5 - 3ghs

kenkey 1ball 0.5p -1ghs

rice 5kg 15 - 20ghs

oil 1liter 4 - 6ghs

vegatables for stew 3 -10ghs/per meal

milk 1tin 2 - 3ghs

loaf of bread 1 - 5ghs

eggs 1ghs/3ggs

local cheese 1kg 5 -10ghs

chicken breast 1kg 5-10ghs

apple 1kg 6-10ghs

oranges 1kg 3-7ghs

tomato 1kg 2 -5gh

potato 1kg 2 -5gh

lettuce 1kg 3-8ghs

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