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As a matter of fact is there any difference between these courses?
Does both graduates who study such courses respetively stand a chance against each other in the employment arena?
What are the merits and demerits of studing each course?

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Jonny, I would like to start by saying that In the business world, very few employers care which program you completed.

The difference between the Bsc Administration(accounting) and the Bsc Accounting lies in the major course requirements. The Admin student will take courses in all of the business areas in much detail. He may take 9-12 hours of accounting but will also take a lot of economics, finance, organizational behavior, management, etc... The bsc accounting student will take some of the same genera business courses but will take 50+ hours of accounting. The admin student will learn generally about all business concepts and and the accounting student will do a little of the general business concepts but dive into serious accounting.

Salaries: degrees don't get salaries, jobs get a salary. A person with a Bsc in Business Admin(accounting) that becomes manager at a supermarket store makes the same as a supermarket manager that has a BA in History - or no degree at all. It's the job that determines salary, not the degree. Some degrees make getting some jobs easier.

Business Admin is a generalist major that will offer more opportunities but they will often be lower paying. Accounting is a specialist major that will offer fewer opportunities but higher paying than the generalist. Generally speaking, the more specialized the major, the higher paying the occupation but the fewer are the jobs.

Accountants are in constant demand. Admin graduates are pretty common. Note that when you offer bsc admin with accounting option, you are not an accountant.