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The Climate of Ghana
There are nine different patterns of climate in the world. Climates are classified according to temperature and rainfall. Different areas may have the same average annual temperature or rainfall, but a different kind of climate. This is due to seasonal variations in temperature or rainfall.
The climate in most of Ghana is wet and dry tropical. Wet and dry tropical climates are marked by warm to hot temperatures throughout the year, and abundant rainfall in only one season. This condition is especially noticeable in northern Ghana, because of less annual rainfall and the strictly seasonal nature of the rain. Although this region receives 30 to 40 inches of rain annually, severe dry spells exist from November to March. Most of Ghana receives 40 to 60 inches of rain annually, characteristic of savanna regions. A large portion of the West Coast of Africa, and of Central and Eastern Africa, is characterized by this same pattern of rainy seasons and dry seasons (wet and dry tropical climate).
A second climate region exists in southwestern Ghana. It has a rainy tropical climate hot temperatures throughout the year and abundant rainfall (over 80 inches), well distributed throughout the year. Ghana has warm to hot temperatures throughout the year because of its proximity to the Equator and its relatively low elevation. The average annual temperature in Accra, Ghana, is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). The northern section of Ghana has hotter temperatures and some seasonal temperature variations because it is farthest from the moderating influence of the ocean, and closest to the Sahara.

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