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I have been waiting for the answers to my question on the salary all the security agencies receive from the lower rank to the highest rank and has there been increment in the salaries?Uptill now you people have not answered my question..."ASKMEGHANA"...I bore you waa.....I no go talk...

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Hey calm down okay? you said ur name is lovely + anita so please don't be upset otherwise you will break my heart.

Ever since you asked ur question we have been trying so hard to get you accurate information on all the salaries you seek.
You see in ur question, you said all security agencies; You have no idea of the number of security agencies in ghana.

There is BNI
fire service
the army which includes, the general army, navy air force, special forces, short enlistment etc,
Prisons service,
Immigration services
and many other obscure agencies you have not heard about.

In case you are not aware, all the above agencies mentioned above have about 8 different ranks with different salary structures based on the single spine salaries structure.

There are also numerous private security agencies

In short, your question is not something that you can just get up and answer. The people responsible for the salaries of the security services i have listed above are the fair wages and salaries commission. Since single spine salary structure is a new policy, they do not have a comprehensive database of all salaries by rank so they have to now put such information together. Before they will do that, we have to pay them some money to motivate them to start putting the data together. As i type this, i am sitting in the office of the salaries commission still trying to get them to put together the information you seek. So anita, as you can see, the answer to your question will cost us a lot of time and money and also, the question requires a lot of work.

Please if you will be a little patient, we will get you the answer okay. don't be upset with us AND Thanks be being such a darling.