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i pray and ask for call-up, but then, i want to know some of the questions been ask duing interiews (at least 10)and how to answer them.thank you

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2 Answers

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Darlington, going for the interview is not about memorizing the answers to the questions they are going to ask you. More importantly it is about showing a real desire to study your chosen program. All the same knowing why you want to study the course you chose is very important.

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Darlington, we can't give you top 10 questions they normally ask at teacher training because the questions changes every year. But i can tell you the areas where they will ask.
1. Most of the questions will come from the course you offered in shs.
If you offered science, your questions will come from science related topics.
They just want to know if you learnt anything whiles doing your course.

  1. They will ask you why you want to go the ttc. Do you really want to be a teacher or you are applying because that is the only place you will get admission?

  2. They will also like to know like to know the type of person you are. That is whether you are confident, shy, timid, fearful etc. They will know based on how you present yourself at the interview. Whether you are decent, rude, stupid, naive etc

The above are all what you need to know. Goodluck on the interview.