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I wuld like to inquire for a frnd of mine the medicin which is gud for e treatment of white

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White vaginal discharge: Its possible causes, cure and precautions

White vaginal discharge is something that women would not be comfortable to talk about, but the scenario requires attention and cure before it can cause major problems. All women at some point of life experience problems with white vaginal discharge which can be more than the normal range. It is crucial to understand what it is and how you should discriminate it from the normal and how that should be treated.
What is white vaginal discharge?

As the name suggest vaginal white discharge is pure white or creamy white in color. Though it is normal to have the discharge in the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle, the discharge in that case contains white flakes. The discharge is white in color and odorless in nature. However, in case of infection the discharge may become clumpy, smelly and thicker than normal.
What are the causes for the vaginal discharge to become white?

The vaginal discharge can change color due to several reasons. The amount of discharge changes during the periodical cycle and the change is mainly noted before and after the menstruation. There are several other scenarios when there can be irregular or abnormal vaginal discharge.

  • Ovulation: Here the discharge becomes clear and stretchy.
  • Candidiasis: If the woman has candidiasis, the discharge becomes white, thick and clumpy.
  • Gonorrohea: The discharge here is white and odorless.

The discharge can turn white due to some medicines too. It can be coupled with itching in the vagina along with a burning sensation at the time of urination. This problem is majorly noted, when there is a bacterial infection in the body, and in such condition treatment becomes essential. There can also be rashes and soreness on the skin nearby.
Diseases associated with white vaginal discharge:

Bacterial Vaginosis, Monilia (Yeast) Infection, Trichomoniasis are the three diseases or infections associated with the changed discharged color in women. It can also be any other sort of sexually transmitted disease. In some cases the color can also be yellow, creamy or green. However, all these diseases are curable and with fast action, you can find a solution.
Treatment for the increased vaginal discharge:

As white discharge is associated with numerous diseases it should be first inspected, what the actual cause of the symptom is. The white discharge is just a symptom which can be associated with several physical problems. However, it should also be mentioned that white discharge does not always mean infection. It can mean ovulation or pregnancy.

In most of the bacterial infection, antibiotics are the best method of treatment. Over the counter drugs will not come to rescue. In case of yeast infection it is crucial to change life style.
Precaution against white discharge:

Some healthy changes in lives can save you from bacterial infection in vagina and white vaginal discharge.

Eat healthy and stay healthy, have a lot of fluid.
Keep one sexual partner, in case of a new partner wear condoms while making love.
Keep your vagina dry and clean.
Don’t scratch the vagina with infection.
Cotton underwear is a must.
Avoid intercourse while within treatment.
Avoid alcohol during the treatment.

Some precautions can help you lead a relaxed life but if problems persist even after that, you may require more medical attention.

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use tremendous capsules for treatment

Is there any drug called tremendous capsules?
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