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Phloat my mother is a green card holder and she applied for a visa for my brother and i. the whole process began early 2014 and during that time we were all minors. In august 2015 we went to the embassy to have a DNA in September 2016 we went for an interview but we both had different dates for our interview, mine was a day ahead of his. I answered all the questions the consular asked me and she asked me if I was schooling and I had told her I had completed shs in 2015,she request for my wassce results and I went to the head of my school to go through all the necessary process to get the results. the problem was that when I was about to complete I was owing school fees so when the results were released  online I could not access my results online. the scheduled date for my next interview which I was presenting my results was due. I got to the embassy and waited so long and was later called. I told the consular who interviewed me that I had brought my results certificate and she told me to sit for some time and took the certificate. I was later called by one of the embassy staff who is a white man who took me inside a room questioning me of how I got the certificate and I told him. It was the head of the school who issued it to me and he told me the certificate I had provided was fake .we argued for so long and I kept on insisting it wasn’t fake. his reason for saying that was because they could not verify from their data base from they handed me to the police headquarters in Accra got to the station with the police officer who wrote my statement and took my photograph and contact along with my grandmother who normally goes with us to the embassy since we were under took more than three months for the police to investigate my matter and they proved my innocence that I provided an original certificate..currently the matter at hand is that when I check online for the status of my visa “it  states refused” while my brother’s won was “under administrative process” and only last week my brother is been issued his visa which in two weeks we will be going for it from DHL. I want to know if I have been permanently been denied since my mum says I will be called soon because when she calls The National Visa Center  in US my case is still pending and I have not been denied. My main concern is when I check the status online it states “REFUSED”

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Please you first have to verify if you can access you results online. Since it was a misunderstanding, you are may not be permanently refused. You may reapply for the visa

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