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do you want Apo or you want me to tell you what you already know? That study HARD??? Lol

Ok in writing core maths, you must first understand that some topics will always come.
Your job is to list all possible topics that almost always comes in wassce.
Example, is construction, Geometry 1 or two (Circle theorems), Pure maths(Equations and Functions), Graphs( Linear, quadratic, transformations, rotation, translation....), Logic( Business maths and word problems) etc.

The above topics and some that i have not listed always appears in wassce or novdec. Your job is to pick some of these topics under both the compulsory and Optional parts and master them.

Your aim is not to score every question. Your aim is to score all marks under the questions you have mastered.
You should not be bothered about answering all the questions.
You should answer questions according to the number of marks the question has.
Answer questions with more marks first before those with little marks.
Do not waist time with the compulsory questions and do not try to answer all questions there unless you can.

The trick to passing any paper is to pic some topics that almost always appears in any instance of that paper and master them so that if you should meet any question under that topic, you will score all the marks that there is. NEVER TRY TO KNOW ALL THE TOPICS UNDER CORE MATHS, JUST PICK SOME AND MASTER THEM INSTEAD. it is the best way to pass any exams. Thanks.

Amfree thx alot.
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