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Solve the following riddle.

If a chicken says, "All chickens are liars" is the chicken telling the truth?

asked in General Information

14 Answers

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Amfree, i think the answer is NO. If No, then it means some chicken tells the truth and some are liers. But at this very moment, this particular chicken is lying..

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Ok amfree u ask me to choose btn answer yes or no. Ok the chicken telling u all chickens are liars if it is telling the truth den is means all chickens are not liars. Simple the answer is no all chickens are not liars

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The answer to last weeks riddle is as follows.
The riddle was " If a chicken says all chicken are liars, is it really true?"

Now before we can answer this question, we have to ask ourselves this,
Can chickens talk?
if chickens can talk then the chicken that said all chickens are liars is also telling a lie because it is a chicken and therefore it is a liar since all chickens are liars. This means that the statement all chickens are liars is NOT TRUE because the chicken that said it was also telling a lie.

Now if we assume that chickens cannot talk, then it means that no chicken ever said that all chickens are liars . If chickens cannot talk, then when did a chicken say that all chickens are liars? This will also mean that the answer is nether a yes or no because the statement made by the chicken in the riddle never happened.

amfree,i got my last answer correct.check it please
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The chicken is lying here bcos "if all chickens are liars"..then that implies it's also making a false statement..hence meaning not all chickens are liars