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My questions are five and please i need answers for each question please:

   (1) Prospectus when going for the Police Recruitment
   (2) Will recruits from Accra be sent to a different region/city for recruitment or they will still be trained in their region/city?
    (3) After the recruitment, is it the service who is going to post you to your station of work or you will choose in which region/city you would like to work?
     (4) Will you be provided with accommodation at the region or city you will be working?
      (5) Are you the one to choose the Unit you would like to belong to in the Police Service or it will be chosen for you based on your performance?
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Anita, below are the answers to your questions

1). The police has not yet released any official prospectus to us yet. We have been trying to get it since yesterday. What we know on the other hand is that when you are selected, you pack just like you would pack for a boarding school. You need your national id cards, your drivers license if any, toiletries and shaving sticks and any other devices along that lines. You shouldn't take a lot of money with you. Take all documents pertaining to your selection a s a police recruit. No illegal objects like knifes, guns or nay other object that can be turned into a weapon. Take some white, black and jogging shoes. this are the basic things we know.

2). Yes recruits will not be trained at their respective regions. There might be exceptions though.

3). The Ghana Police service will post you to your respective station/city/region after training.

4). In most cases, you would be provided with at least an accommodation

5). The unit would be chosen based on your performance. On the other hand, if you wish to join a special unit, you can inquire about it and then know the exact requirements you are supposed to meet. Once you meet such a requirement, you can then work to meet the requirements and join.

Note that it is very difficult to get accurate information from the security institutions so it took us some time to get all the info together. Sorry for the delay.