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for ssnit there are two categories of people that can register for ssnit.

  1. People who wants to setup a pension scheme with ssnit

  2. People who wants a loan from ssnit.

So if you want to join the ssnit pension scheme, you must go to the nearest ssnit office and then pickup a form. Most likely if you are an employee, your company will automatically sign you up.

For people with their own individual businesses too can also sign up for ssnit pension scheme.

If you are in a student and wants a ssnit loan, you can signup for it at your respective school since ssnit has offices on all tertiary schools in the country. You would be given a ssnit number and pin at the ssnit office with which you can then login into their system and fill the form online.

pls apply for your ssnit loan here

for all ssnit telephone numbers, pls check here

thanks. very helpful
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