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pls I want u to brief me de difference between diploma program and a teacher training program? secondly, which one would u have chosen in terms of job opportunities ?  the reason is that I have gotten admission to study diploma in integrated business studies at UDS but I also applied for a teacher training ..

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A major in integrated business studies helps students develop transferable skills that are valued by employers. These skills include: analysis, research, writing, problem solving, and knowledge of other cultures and languages. International studies majors may find employment in business, government, nonprofits, social services, consulting firms, and educational institutions depending on their skills and experience. Internships may be a prerequisite to finding employment.

Jobs integrated business


This is a list of jobs international studies majors reported having at graduation. It was generated from survey data published by colleges and universities across. Advising & Career Services provides this list as a tool for generating ideas for exploration.

  • Account Coordinator for digital marketing and media company
  • Administrative Assistant for a think tank
  • Analyst for a bank
  • Assistant Buyer for a department store
  • Assistant Language Teacher for a cultural exchange program
  • Assistant Manager/Buyer for a music store
  • Assistant Self-Sufficiency Advisor for a nonprofit agency fighting poverty
  • Business Analyst for a consulting firm
  • Call Center Manager for an engineering company
  • Clerk for a district court
  • Community Development Volunteer for the Peace Corps
  • Community Organizer for a civil rights advocacy organization
  • Compliance Analyst for an investment firm
  • Constituent Services Aide for an elected official
  • Contract Specialist for a mortgage company
  • Counselor/Teacher for at-risk youth in a social services agency
  • Customer Marketing Manager for a global consumer packaged goods manufacturer
  • English Language Assistant for a ministry of education
  • English Teacher for an education nonprofit
  • Events Coordinator for senior center
  • Field Organizer for an environmental nonprofit
  • Financial Analyst for a media and entertainment company
  • Financial Service Professional for mutual life insurance company
  • Foreign Service Officer for the State Department
  • Grassroots product specialist for a sports apparel manufacturer
  • Guidance Counselor for a social services agency serving youth
  • Human Resources Assistant for a federal government agency
  • Human Resources Associate for a large high-technology company
  • Import Account Representative for a logistics and freight forwarding company
  • Import Specialist for a logistics company
  • Information Services Assistant for an forestry institute in India
  • Intern for an art museum
  • Language Instructor for private English teaching company
  • Legal Assistant for a law firm
  • Major Gifts Coordinator for a coalition of charitable organizations
  • Management Analyst for a federal government agency
  • Management Associate for a bank
  • Manager for an import/export company
  • Marketing Analyst for a financial services company
  • Materials Specialist for a nonprofit advocacy group for Hispanics
  • Media Planner for an advertising agency
  • Outreach Specialist for a coalition of charitable nonprofits
  • Paralegal Assistant/Translator for a law firm
  • Program Assistant for a US agency responsible for nonmilitary foreign aid
  • Program Coordinator for a nonprofit international exchange organization
  • Program Director for Disaster Services for a humanitarian aid organization
  • Project Manager for a language and IT services provider
  • Promotion Coordinator for a bank
  • Recruiter for a staffing group
  • Researcher for a consulting firm
  • Residence Hall Director for a university
  • Sales Representative for a consumer goods manufacturer
  • Staff Assistant for public policy organization
  • Strategic Planning Analyst for media and entertainment company
  • Teacher for an education nonprofit
  • Teacher’s Assistant through a grant for international educational exchange
  • Transportation Intern for a third party logistics provider
  • Volunteer through a faith-based organization

If you're a newly qualified teacher, you need to start applying for your first teaching job...

Careers in teaching

  • Early years teacher
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Further education teacher
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Primary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Special educational needs teacher

There are also many alternatives such as:

  • Education administrator
  • Educational psychologist
  • Museum education officer
  • Learning mentor
  • Private music teacher

please these two professions are all diploma certificate, with diploma cert you have apply to university to study  for two to three year before getting degree, with job opportunities they all have higher chance.

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