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Premature ejaculation is defined as ejaculation happening before the man wishes it, or too quickly to satisfy his partner. It's not unusual for this to happen occasionally or under certain circumstances, such as if the man hasn't had sex for a while. Premature ejaculation may be caused by psychological factors, health problems, medications and stress. Most medical centers advise only considering premature ejaculation a problem if it happens consistently; you should consult a doctor for help if premature ejaculation affects you during the majority of your sexual encounters. He will examine you to see if the premature ejaculation is a symptom of another condition, and may prescribe medication to help delay ejaculation.

Step 1

Practice the Stop-Start technique, where you stop thrusting or stimulation just before reaching the point of climax, and wait for the urge to climax to subside before you resume stimulation. You can also gently squeeze the head or base of your ***** during this withdrawal or stop period if this helps reduce the urge to climax.

Step 2

Experiment with different sexual positions that might help you last longer by either reducing the degree of sensation you feel, reducing the muscle tension necessary to hold them, or allowing you greater concentration on the muscles that control ejaculation.

Step 3

Try masturbating an hour or two before engaging in intercourse; this may help you delay ejaculation during intercourse. You might also try bringing your partner to high arousal before actually initiating intercourse, or engaging in non-intercourse sexual play, to help reduce psychological pressure that may exacerbate premature ejaculation.

Step 4

Experiment with desensitizing lubricants; these over-the-counter products should usually be used inside a condom to keep from accidentally reducing your partner's pleasure by spreading the lubricant onto him or her.


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