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i would like to write all the atswa exams and apply for bcom(ucc distance)
so my qualification will be:
atswa-final part

related to an answer for: where can i get the forms to buy in Tema
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2 Answers

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ATSWA is a very dignified degree so when it comes to job competitiveness,you even have a better chance than the normal university degrees due to the technical nature of atswa

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In order to be more competitive you will have to get your CV to tell great things about you to your potential employer. That means you will have to take certain volunteer work in various jobs to gain experience as well as jobs that allow you to show leadership skills, people skills and others. And also learn to dress more cooperate and be confident in your outlook not rude. Because in seeking for work its also about what the employer sees and the impression conveyed. So use your time in school to build up your resume ( C.V ) and yourself.