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According to our calculations, you have about 85% Chance of getting admitted for Bsc Administration at UG

Askghana, please with my grades above, I have applied for admission at legon and these are the courses I chose respectively,
Bsc Business Administration
Bsc Information Technology
BA:  Mathematics,Computer Science and Information Technology
        Accounting,Economics and Mathematics
        Political Science,Physiology and Classics and Archaeology
        Mathematics, Statistics and Education
Please any advice for me
If you chose City Campus then you will get admission for Bsc Admin
If you chose main campus then you are more likely to get Bsc IT a BA program
I chose main campus for all
You can still edit the application Online if you want.
To increase your chances of getting admission for Administration, City Campus will be best then you can choose main Campus for the second and third choice
City Campus means you will be staying at Main Campus but attending lectures at city Campus. The fees too a little more costly than main campus
I don't like city campus, any different advice for me on the courses at the main campus
I think the programs you have selected are very good.
So if you do not like City Campus then lets maintain the programs.
You will either Get Admin Or IT and both of them are very good.
Listen to got 12...reality is you have only 10% of getting admission at main campus for admin...
You had 12 which is very good but you're a business student with e maths c6 which is a very big advice is you should choose IT as first choice as they require any three can't get BA economics,maths or statistics as they require b2 in E maths...moreover,BA is mainly for arts students, so business students have little advantage...choose other arts courses without those have no chance with c6 in E it's either you choose admin at city as first,or IT as first and BA courses where you can have admission as second..for can't choose political science, they'll require government
i offered business without elective maths... can i offer IT at knust or UG legon without the elective maths?

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