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NOW LETS LEARN how to prepare APAPRANSA how to prepare APAPRANSA ingredients: palm nut soup
red kidney beans
crabs for garnishing
any fish or meat you wanna use in the soup
roasted maize flour; or kyekyere
Banku Ta or a wooden laddle.
METHOD :The palmnut soup is the only liquid you are going to cook this dish with so take note.
Scoop a few ladles of the finished palmnut soup into the saucepan you are going to cook the Aprans in and bring to a boil.
In the meantime the rest of the soup should be on the side hot and simmering. Cold soup will spoil the dish.
Now pour a reasonable amount of the roasted corn powder into the sauce pan and stir as you would do with akple or banku.

The rest of the palm nut soup is what you would substitute for water till the aprans is done.
A well cooked one should be very moist and pliable so give it some good cooking time and turning plus loads of palm nut soup.
For serving, scoop it into a square or round bowl and smoothen the top, then turn it onto a plate. Garnish it with the crabs and some of the kidney beans.
The meat and some of the kidney beans will be entrenched in the mixture and makes for nice discovery.
Eat it hot or cold. I like mine cold and sliced into wedges. But some people like it moist and hot; straight from the sauce pan. Add some of the soup to it if you want.

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