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I'm 25yrs now.I started masturbation when I was 10.I can masturbate about 3 times a day.I want to stop but I can't.anytime I masturbate,I feel pain in my manhood.Again,I feel guilty b4 God.please I need ur help.bcos of this,I don't feel for any lady and I have Neva had sex with any lady.

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Remember you are not alone. I was a masturbator for about 5 years. i thought i could not overcome it..but i did... masturbation can be very tough to stop if you continue doing it...its like a cotton wrapped on your hand...the more you wrap more...the more force you must apply to tear it apart... what helped me was simple but very easy..

1 I understood that what is was doing was wrong. I realized all the can give me health problems like low sperm count. it can make me weak in bed in future.

2 I stopped watching porn, or any movie which is about romance and love

3 I unfriended all girls, all pages and all groups on social media

4 I avoided being i go out for strolls or be with friends (tough)

5 I realized I masturbate most when i bath or i made sure i sing gospels for about ten mins before going to bath..and i make sure I don't stay there for 3 mins...moreover i make sure i sleep very late...i always stay outside very vigorous works so that immediately i go to bed i sleep..if i still cant sleep i sing gospels and read the bible ALOUD...

6(TOUGHEST STEP) I worked harder on keeping my eyes of girls boobs and butts when walking around..its very hard to stop as I always did..I tried to keep my eyes off them whenever i see for the first time....i do thing to remove the thinking like reminding myself of the problem Im trying to stop..

7 I tried to control my mind by filling it with other things..instead of thinking about sex, I started to think about how to improve my strength...I tried to improve my football skills..I started exercising..especially me...masturbation results in low self esteem..but exercising do the increases your self confidence and makes you think less about sex....this is the most important step... note even after doing all these you may fall and masturbate again..but don't be discouraged..that's how you've trained your brains for about 15 years..and you cant stop it overnight.... all you have to do is retrain your mind says you must masturbate 3 times daily..make up your mind you'll masturbate once every two days... then move to 4 days .. next once every week....after training your mind...move to once every two weeks...then train your mind to stop using the steps above

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1.u have to stop creating filthy images in your mind weather you are alone or not

2.stop watching phonographic materials 

I will also recommend a programme on hitz FM Mondays to Friday 8:00 am

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