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I've applied for enrollment to pursue Diploma Course in Business English including Spoken English in the UK. One of the ways to send your fees is by sterling Bankers Draft drawn on a London Bank which I'm finding it difficult to buy a sterling bankers draft at Nkawkaw. Another way is paying by credit card. i have Master card but i don't know how to use it with respect to such payment. Pls can you advise me on how it is done, whether it is safe to use the credit card. Which way do I go

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I will advice you to get a sterlings bankers draft. Do you know any GT-bank branch at Nkawkaw. gt-bank does international bankers draft in dollars and sterlings .

This is their directives on foreign banking draft.

Foreign Currency Draft Issuance

A draft is a written order by a Bank irrevocably undertaking to pay on demand a specified sum of money to the order of a specified person. Presently our foreign currency drafts are drawn on Citibank New York for US Dollar drafts and Citibank London for Pound Sterling and Euro drafts.


A funded foreign currency account in the currency of the draft required OR
 A draft can be issued from a Cedi account but requires additional documents in accordance with Bank Of Ghana foreign exchange regulations.

 A properly written and duly signed customer instruction

Foreign currency drafts from all of our branches are processed at the Head Office and forwarded to the branches after processing.

Please what bank do you use
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i would like to know what bank you use. Some Ghanaian cards are not internationally accepted. To make payment with either a credit or master card online, you must follow the directions given by the school you have applied to. Generally they will have a website where you are supposed to enter your credit/master card information.You will enter your master card number and other information and then just click proceed . After getting the information about your credit card, they will then proceed to contact your local bank and then process the transaction with them.

Better still, there is a uk bank in ghana where you can make your bankers draft in pounds sterlings. The bank is called ghana international bank(GHIB)
You can contact them on ;

Ghana International Bank plc
11th Floor
Cedi House
Liberia Road

Telephone: +233 302 660809
Facsimile: +233 302 665868