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Firstly I will like to say thank you for your time and patience taking to help us about our questions.
Please when I completed my ttc online form I got a msg that it's successful. I could remember that the reference number was on the left corner of the printed copy but I was not aware to write it again at the back of the EMS envelope. So please my question is that when they open my EMS envelope during admission process and they see the number on the copy,are they going accept it or they may still reject it since I refused to write it at the back of the envelope?
Secondly, please is only ttc requires the reference number or the other institutions also require it because I will buy UDS form by the end of this week. Please I really need your help. Thanks a lot.

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The reference numbers are used to group admission application forms so that it will be easy for the admission officers to review and admit student. That is why they tell you to write the reference number on the back so that they can arrange and review the applications with easy.

Even though you did not write it, it is not a very serious mistake. It will only make the admission Officers a little annoyed. They will not reject your application because of you did not write the number on the EMS envelope.

Any time you are doing anything like filling a form, always read the instructions given or ask someone who knows the instructions so that you can follow it.

UDS instructions for filling their forms are here, read it carefully

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