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There is a very beautiful girl next to our house.I'm in love with her.I have greeted her once or twice.you hardly see her outside or whith friends.she has been always in de house. I want to approach and get her contact but I'm afraid of been turned down.After approaching,wat should I tell her? How shld I go about it, and will she give it to me?
        Secondly should I consider her as an introvert kind of person?Please tell everything I need to know.I need ur help.
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Lets settle this first. You and I both know that you are just attracted to the girl and would like to have sex with her for starters. Maybe love will come later but right now, I don't think you love her. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with a girl though, just dont confuse it with love.

I can give you all the tricks in the world but it wont really do you any good.

There is no tried and tested manual when it comes to people because we are so unpredictable.

However, the secrete to getting a girl is very simple.

1. You need to first love yourself. You have to let yourself understand that you are one of the most awesome people that have ever walked on this earth. You have to love every part of yourself including your weakness. You need to accept yourself with all your faults and successes.

2. Loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are will make you confident. Once you become confident, you can do anything. One way of learning how to be confident is manually writing down all the things you have achieved from the time of your birth. Remember the tasks you succeeded at . Remember every single success and be really proud of yourself. If you don't have any successes to be proud of, you can just set simple goals and achieve them.

Example of simple goals.

a. You can decide to read a book every week.

b. You can decide to go for jogging Saturday

c. You can decide to learn a new way of making money in 3 months and make money from the technique

d. You can decide to learn how to play the piano in 3 months.

e.You can decide to learn how to dance azonto really well in 4 weeks.

f. You can decide to learn how to prepare Waakye like a real Hajia

g. You can decide to volunteer for an NGO helping people for some days every 2 months

The above simple goals are examples of simple things you can do to improve your personal life and and get you successes. Once you start setting simple goals and achieving them. You will start becoming proud of your achievements.  Then you will start becoming confident and more confident. You will start feeling like the world belongs to you. You will start loving yourself so much. You will start taking care of yourself.

People will notice the changes in you especially the girls. They will start saying hi for no reason.

At this point asking for any girls number will not be a problem at all.

What you are feeling right now is something like this.

1. You dont think you are worthy enough to get this girls number.

2. You think the girl is too beautiful for you and that you dont deserve her but you wish

3. You think the girl will  not give you her number because you are  not good enough so you are looking for the right ways so that you dont end up offending her.

The above scenario is a sickness that can be cured. All you need to do is follow the first two steps.

I can give you all the tricks to get the number but I want to teach you how to fish instead of give you a fish.

Stay Healthy


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