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Amfree how is youth in security work. How long will you work. How much is they salary. Is it a permanent job or what. Also  I heard the GPS will select people from the youth in policing to join them and that is the reason why they have not start recruitment yet is it TRUE Amfree.

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Youth Employment is a 2 years contract with the government.

After two years, the contract will be over and you will go back to whatever you were doing.

The police have strict requirement for recruitment. They cannot just pick them. they need to have the right qualifications. So if people in the youth employment want to join the police, they would have to re-apply like everyone.

The youth employment guys are paid a little above minimum wage. The average pay is 350ghs per month.

Most of the Youth employment guys do not have the required qualifications to join the police so the police will not pick them automatically.

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