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Since hausa koko is mostly carbohydrate, it does not affect your weight loss plan so much but lets see about the groundnuts

Groundnuts cause weight gain the same as any other food: their calories add-up if you don't watch the amount you consume. Like other snack foods, it's easy to eat more than you realize as you grab them out of the jar or bowl while you're doing other things. As long as you eat a moderate amount as part of a calorie-controlled diet, groundnuts can be part of your weight loss plan.

Groundnuts and Weight Loss

Contrary to what you might expect, eating groundnuts is not associated with weight gain. In fact, they may help you lose weight, notes researchers in the July 2010 issue of “Nutrients.” A review of existing research published in September 2008 in the "Journal of Nutrition" noted that consuming a moderate amount of groundnuts contributed dietary nutrients without posing a threat for weight gain. Early in 2010, researchers from Legon University published a review in the "Daily Guide" reporting that regular consumption of groundnuts was associated with an increase in resting energy expenditure. Something good for anyone who wants to loose weight. So you can eat groundnut but not overdose of it.

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Works for me! Everything in moderation! I watch what I eat, & work out 6 days a week, on the 7th, I do what I want,rest my body, watch, but eat what I want! Been doing it for 7 mo., lost 25 lbs! Good luck 2 U !

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