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Please combining my wassce ND novdec result I had e8 in science,b3 in social,c6 in c math,c4 in English,c4 in costin,c4 in economics ND b2 in bm.wat is my chances of gaining admission in UG to study B.Sc. administration as a fee paying student.
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Amfree..pls ,Wat if she apply in UCC and UDS, will she get admission to the offer a degree program?

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The fact is that, going by the rules, you do not qualify even as a fee paying student. Th reason is that interscience is required for BSc Administration and you had e8 in interscience. To replace interscience with social studies, you need to have at least c6 in interscience before we can replace it with social studies.

Fortunately for you, we live in a flexible world where anything is possible. Although officially you do not qualify, If you have the money, yous should still apply because the school can make exceptions for you as a fee paying applicant. Every school needs money and fee paying students give the schools a lot of money so please proceed to apply knowing full well what might happen.