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Below are some of the duties of the field technicians

Helping individuals, families, groups and communities develop their capacity and access to resources, including health insurance, food, housing, quality care and health information

Facilitating communication and client empowerment in interactions with health care/social service systems

Helping health care and social service systems become culturally relevant and responsive to their service population

Helping people understand their health condition(s) and develop strategies to improve their health and well being

Helping to build understanding and social capital to support healthier behaviors and lifestyle choices

Delivering health information using culturally appropriate terms and concepts

Linking people to health care/social service resources

Providing informal counseling, support and follow-up

Advocating for local health needs

Providing health services, such as monitoring blood pressure and providing first aid

Making home visits to chronically ill patients, pregnant women and nursing mothers, individuals at high risk of health problems and the elderly

Translating and interpreting for clients and health care/social service providers

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