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Amfree please up to now there is no sign about the recriutment and are they  trying to tell us that they are not ready for the  recruitment. Oh am depressed in them. I learnt the IGP said earlier that they need more personal for the election and that is the reason why they will recruit but yet nothing seems to be like that as we are in the 4th months. When are they going to start, applicants begin training and pass out b4 the election .Amfree please do u comprehence my point. 1. I just want to whether they wil recruit or not and 2. Even  if they wil recruit when? U said u will speak with the IGP one on one please have u?

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I understand your point perfectly.

I spoke to the top officials and they assured me that they will recruit.

When I asked them whether they can train the people in time, they said they can train the people in 3 months so they are very confident of the recruitment.

I understand your concern, Nigeria just started their recruitment this week. Lets wait and see what happens
Amfree thank u very much for ur good information. If that is they plan then no problem but they should hurry up b4 those scammers hit the the public again.