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I'm a holder of a Ghanaian passport with a Multiple entry schengen visa valid until 2017,(a frequent traveler).Whiles In europe I will like to visit the UK for five(5) days, can I apply for a UK visa at the UK embassy in Netherlands or that has to be done in ghana?
What are the requirements, if in ghana, or in Netherlands?
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The UK visa application process starts online but involves a personal appointment at a visa application center. Where you can have the personal appointment is determined by your current address, rather than your country of origin.

This can be inferred from the FAQ page of the online visa application system which states:

Can I change my appointment location?

If your appointment is made through Visa4UK and you have also paid online, then you can click the 'View Appointment' followed by the 'Update Appointment ' option in your application. You can use this to change your appointment location within the Visa Issuing Office Region options displayed. If you are looking for an appointment in another region or a different Country you will need to raise a new application with the relevant new location details. If your appointment is made on a Commercial Partner external website, then you will need to contact them.

Thus, as you're currently living in the NL, that is were you're expected to apply for a UK visa from.


See the response we got from the UK embassy on your issue.

in summary, you can apply for UK visa in Ghana and NL. It would be quicker and better in Ghana but it is also easier in NL

Where can I submit my visa application? Does this have to be in my home country?


Can I submit my UK visa application outside my home country?

The ‘How to apply’ pages on the UKBA website will tell you at which application centre you can submit your application and will explain the application procedures. But can you also submit your application elsewhere? Several visitors have asked us if they can apply outside of their own country. For example, if they can submit a student (PBS Tier 4) application outside their normal country of residence. This section of our blog sets out where you can apply.

If you are applying in the country of which you are a citizen, you can submit applications in any UK visa category. If you are not; the following rules apply:

Applications for transit visas, visit visas, and EEA Family Permits may be submitted in any country offering a UK Entry Clearance (=visa) service.

Applications for entry clearance as a Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) Migrant in the creative and sportive sub-category of Tier 5 may also be made in the country where the applicant is situated at the time but only if the Tier 5 applicant is in that country for a similar activity that she or he proposes to undertake in the UK and only if she or he is legally present in that country.

In addition, Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) Temporary Migrant applications may also be made elsewhere provided that the applicant is legally present in the country of application and has been granted leave to remain in that country for a period of more than 6 months.

In all other cases, applications should be made in your normal country of residence or, where there is no UK Entry Clearance (=visa) service in your country, in the country that has been designated to process visa applications from your country.

Definition of ‘normal country of residence’

Your country of normal residence is the country where you are lawfully resident. Lawfully resident means that you have permission to be in that country other than in a temporary capacity, which means that you are either a national of that country, or that you have been granted leave to remain in that country (for example, in the form of a residence permit) for a period of more than six months.


A citizen of India is visiting Spain and decides that he or she would also like to visit the UK. Whilst s/he does not reside in Spain, s/he may submit his/her visit visa application in Spain.

A citizen of Pakistan is visiting the US. S/he wants to submit an EEA Family Permit application. Whilst he or she is not resident in the United States, he or she may submit the application in the US.

A citizen of India is visiting Germany and would like to apply for a Tier 4 Student visa. S/he cannot submit his/her application in Germany but needs to submit this on his/her return in India.

A citizen of Australia is studying in Poland and would like to submit a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme application. S/he was issued with a 1-year student residence permit in Poland. S/he can submit the application in Poland. Had s/he been a visitor (i.e. had s/he been granted leave to remain in Poland for less than 6 months), s/he would not have been able to submit the application in Poland but would have needed to submit the application on his/her return to Australia.

A citizen of the US is visiting Europe and wants to submit an application to join his/her UK spouse. S/he may not do this in Europe but has to submit the application on his/her return to the United States.

A citizen of India is studying in France. S/he holds a valid residence permit for France, which is valid for the duration of her course of four years. S/he is lawfully resident in France and can therefore submit the application in France.

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