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plz ,wat remedial classes is de best in ghana.I want 2 register 6 subjects-3core 3eectives.wat are my chances of passing de exam & de cost involve.

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Hello, The best remedial classes is you. My people go to top remedial schools and pay huge sums thinking they'll give them cheats or buy certs for them but they fail. My brother went to Ideal college,but still he failed. He sat down, learned it himself and sometimes with the help of a one to one teacher and he passed. If you're thinking of writing Nov Dec and passing all this six this year..but you're an average student,then I'm afraid you can't. Break them. Find a teacher, a one to ow teacher who can help you with E M S .. Study them mostly for this year.... Then next year,both Wassce in a private school or Nov Dec,you target the rest. Good luck #KESSIE
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The answer depends on where you stay,

Remedial schools like IDEAL COLLEGE, STREAMSTREET COLLEGE, ELITE COLLEGE etc are all very good with their remedial classes and novdec records.

For how much they will charge, you need to contact the schools personally to find out.


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Ascent Kollege is one of the best.Their fee structure is very affordable (below 2000Gh).All their masters have at least a degree with over 10 years can call them or Whatsapp on 0543619972. You can also visit their Facebook page

6 subject is 1600gh CEDI''ll deposit 400gh to start and pay rest by installments
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