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Is the allowances given to the student in the colleges provided by Ghana presidents or its a scholarship provided by NGO/foriegn countries aids?

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Which trainees are you referring to Bigjoe

i mean both the teacher&nursing colleges!
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All School allowances are paid by the government and not a scholarship provided by the government

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Well big Joe Teacher training Colleges no longer receive allowance but nursing training students still do. Nursing training students allowance comes from either Government via District Assemblies or foreign sponsorships depending on the one who applies. When admitted the trainees are apply for the sponsorships/allowances if they need it. They can chose to be self sponsored or apply for a foreign sponsorship if they are foreign nationals or apply for the government sponsorship. Most people opt for government sponsorship so they are then made to sign a bond to work some extra years after their training in the district they were trained. All applicants admitted into any Ministry of Health /Mission Institution will be expected to also sign a bond with Government of Ghana to serve for a number of years after training. If you attend a private nursing school and self sponsored yourself then you will not do those extra years after graduation and national service.

In the context you are speaking of they are paid by the government through the district assemblies. As to how the government gets the money, it is taxes or some foreign aid or something from the budget.

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