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You need a passport and a visa. to travel to Europe . Depending on your purpose of travel, the visa can be granted to you or not. If you pass all the visa application procedures, then you proceed to book a plane ticket after your visa has been granted to you.

Note that some countries do not require visa for a Ghanaian to travel to. Below are the countries that a Ghanaian can go with just a passport and no visa.

According to the ECOWAS arrangement, a west African can reside for up to 90 days in any West African country without a visa. If you have a current passport you'll notice it also serves as an ECOWAS travel permit.
Don't expect any concessions based on Ghana's commonwealth status, after all you need a visa to visit Britain itself.
For some countries that have no embassies or consulates in Ghana you might be able to get a visa on arrival, or at another countries consulate (with which they have an agreement)
Lastly, if Ghana has a bilateral agreement on the issue with any other state you mightn't need a visa. Contact your embassy or the embassy of the country you plan to visit for this information\

THE following countries do not require a visa to travel to as a Ghanaian

Barbados Belize Benin British Virgin Islands
Burkina Faso Cape Verde Cook Islands
Cote d'Ivoire Dominica Ecuador Fiji
Gambia Grenada Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Haiti Jamaica Kenya Kosovo

Liberia Malawi Mali Mauritania
Mauritius Micronesia Montserrat Niger
Nigeria Niue Philippines Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Senegal Sierra Leone

Singapore Swaziland
Togo Trinidad and Tobago

Turks and Caicos Islands

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