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How to get Lucky in Life

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Koose is just Mmm3. so here we go!!!!!!

  1. Half bag of Black Eyed Beans
    (This is about half pound. Here in my neck of the woods, they are sold in 16oz bags.)

  2. Half teaspoonful Jantra Muoko. (That is powdered pepper though I use chili pepper sometimes. The fresh pepper smells better and tastes better.)

  3. 4 ounces of fresh onion.

  4. 1/4 teaspoon salt.

  5. One litre of oil for frying.


A. Soak beans for 24 hours.

B. Using your hands, scoop some of the beans into your hands and rub together. Repeat this, and drain the top to rid the beans of the skin. Put more water in and repeat this until you get all the skin off the beans. Drain the beans.

C. Cut up the onions and place in Blender. Add beans, salt and pepper.

D. Blend thoroughly using the 'WHIP' cycle. Add a spoonful of water if necessary, to get the blender going, though that is not necessary. You can just use a spatula to push the mix down on the side of the blender. Be careful to avoid hitting the blade. This is why you push on the side only.

E. Place blended mixture into a deep bowl and use a whisk to whip. You will see the colour turn pale, as the mixture becomes fluffy, and lighter.

Frying the Koose.

Deep frying works best. An inch and half deep hot oil will do.

Take one teaspoonful of mixture and gently drop in hot oil. If you have difficulty with this, dip spoon into water before scooping the mix. Remember that the koose will expand a little during frying. Start with small scoops and adjust if necessary.

Turn the koose halfway through the frying process. You should allow about 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Let it fry until it is golden brown. Remove from oil, and place on paper towel.

This will make about 30 pieces.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve warm with -
1. Honey mustard sauce.
2. Suuya mix (special seasoning from Ghana).
3. Fresh sliced onions and tomatoes.