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Kelewele is mouth watering so i guess i will show you my secrete.

Cayenne Pepper, Cinamon, Ginger, Salt, water
and of course super (and Im talking like dark exterior)
ripped plantain or as my local latin
America food seller calls it macho banana.

If you choose to use real ginger, make sure to
sift it or use a descent sieve that will allow you
to dispose of the fibrous components or the paste ginger after it has been blended.
Don't use too much water, ensure that the combination
of spices has a thick consistency before adding the chopped
ripped plantain.

Fry the combination in oil at extremely high heat. Or you can indeed put it in the broiler or oven, on wax paper....the problem is you have to keep checking to make sure it don't burn believe me it aint fun this way but its healthier. I know there are other recipes out there but believe me anytime
Im in Ghana I ask but they never want to reveal the secret, if you know of any, please do tell

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