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Hausa KOKO
you can buy it from the box which is sssoo good(haahaa)
or you can blend ginger, and dried red pepper mix it with corn dough into a liquid mix and strain it to rid it of all the roughness... Then place it on a pot and stir...

you need flour, water, yeast, sugar, vanilla extract or nutmeg and salt
mix 21/2 cups of flour with a packet of yeast and and about half cup of water, you want the mixture to be semi-solid...
add all other ingredients with moderation and let mixture sit for a few minutes covered you should see the mixture rising..
As soon as it starts rising
Place oil on fire or use a deep fryer and start
cuping up the mixture into the oil..
You should see the bofloat rising to the surface if it does not
you will have to do it over again...

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