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How will achieving a Bachelor's degree education in architecture at KNUST empower a person to address challenges in his/her community?

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You need to first find out what architects do and then use that information on your community.

What are some of the problems architects solve?

How can you apply that knowledge in your area.

You could design a drainage system that is beautiful or artistic to tackle flooding in your community.

To do that, you need to first find out the current water ways both natural and artificial and how you can control the flow of water.

You can design buildings that fit the lifestyle of the community members with materials that are easily available in the community thereby reducing cost of shelter, stress and shelter related frustrations.

Is there any place that community members can meet and have fun?

How navigable is your community by vehicles.

Can fire fighters easily access a house on fire?

is there constant fire outbreaks in the community, what causes them? it is related the structure and material components of buildings?

Also to actually make changes, just solving problems on paper is not good enough.

You need to present your ideas and design change to the right authorities, find ways to market the ideas so that ordinary people in the community will desire to use your solutions. Convince authorities by all means necessary why those changes must be implemented etc

The full answer to your question will deserve a new book to be written

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