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What does a dream about Snakes mean?

Dreams about snakes can mean many different things to different people, depending on the type, location, what it is doing and your association with snakes in waking life.

  • Most people  see a snake as a phallic symbol and so it may represent a male figure that you find sexually attractive or threatening, depending upon how you feel in the dream if you are a woman
  • Others also considers it to be a sign of transformation because it sheds its skin.
  • Snakes Biting or Chasing You

    A snake biting you may represent abusive or hurtful remarks made by you or others.
  • Running away from a snake that is chasing you may symbolize someone or something that you are unwilling or afraid to face or acknowledge.
  • Other Meanings of Snake Dreams

    If you are afraid of them in waking life, they may represent something that you are afraid of facing, accepting or dealing with in waking life.
  • May symbolize someone or something that you feel is threatening to your physical or emotional wellbeing.
  • May represent Kundalini energy rising from the base of the Root Chakra.
  • May also represent creativity and creative energy -- the creation of something new by transforming a thought into a reality.
  • You may think of the serpent or snake in the Garden of Eden and so it may represent temptation or someone that is tempting you with something.
  • Snakes also appear on the Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius, signs used by doctors and the medical profession and therefore they may symbolize a doctor or healing.
  • You may think of them as being slimy and so they may represent someone that is a slimy, low-life – someone that is not to be trusted.
  • Types of Snakes in Dreams

    A boa constrictor may represent someone or something that is constricting, strangling or restricting your movements or ability to act or move.
  • A rattlesnake, cobra, viper or adder may represent someone or something that is venomous (evil) or poisonous (negative or unhealthy).
  • A cobra in a dream may also symbolize being hypnotized or being captivated by someone’s charm.
  • A garter or garden snake may represent someone or something that you fear that is really harmless.
  • The Colors of Snakes

    A red snake may be a warning to stay away or stop what you are doing.
  • A green one may be telling you that it’s safe to go forward, your fears are unwarranted.
  • A yellow one may be advising you to proceed with caution.
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