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Flour, sugar/salt depending on how you like it, margarine or butter, eggs, evaporated milk, NUTMEG, baking powder and oil for frying(corn oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil)


Rolling pin, chopping board or flat clean surface, dough mixer, plastic bowl, sharp knife


1.Pour 1 and a half kg of flour into plastic bowl
2.Grate some nutmeg into flour and add two to three spoonfuls of baking powder
3.Add 250grams of butter or margarine...that is the equivalent of a small tub.
4.Mix flour and fat together.....use the curly pronged dough mixer attached to a cake mixer if you got one, otherwise use your hands.
5.The end result should be flaky flour mixed with the fat.
6. mix half evaporated milk(small size) with about 2-3 eggs and one tumbler of water. Add salt to taste and /or sugar if you want to make a sweet version. Mix all together till you get a nice white liquid with the sugar and salt well dissolved.
7.Now pour the liquid into your flour mixture, a little bit at a time and mix it up. This calls for a bit of kneading......take one side of the flour into the centre of the dough in a circular movement. but if you use the mixer its okay to just let it do the job.
8. You should now have a smooth ball of dough ready for rolling
9.Sprinkle a bit of plain flour on the flat surface and roll (cut bits off the big dough and roll at a time) and roll out till it is as thin as your mouse pad. For achomo make it a bit thicker, but for chippies stick to the mouse mat option.
10.Using the sharp knife, cut long strips across the dough and lift them out individually, then using a kitchen scissors, cut them into little twig shapes into a plastic bowl. Sprinkle bit of plain flour over them now and again to avoid them sticking.
For the twisted achomo, cut thick squares of the rolled dough...about the width of a small match box and length of a bar of soap, then cut a little incision in the middle of it, then turn each corner of the dough through the hole and pull slightly to achieve the twisted shape.

11.Oil need to be hot and a lot to enable deep frying. Chips dont need to be in there for two long or they burn, so they need constant attention. For the big achomo you can take out with your draining spoon or spatula but for the chippies you need to pour out the oil and its contents into a colander after each fry up and start again.

Hey guys? Please wear an apron and dont let me hear of any beards going off in flames. The ladies are alright. Happy frying.

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