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Yes CAGD currently have a very bureaucratic system that makes decision taking very slow and painful. Mostly the problem happens with a bloated system. There have been several complains of such incidences and CAGD is now trying to replace the old system with an electronically controlled one that is supposed to solve all these issues. We hope it will be done soon. If your issue is not fixed, please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can follow it for you

Tnx amfree, am technical officer nutrition together with others such as lab.tech, disease control, field technicians for which GRNA have being deducting our salary since 2014,october. Letters sent to CAGD proofed futile by our Administrators and ourselves to the refund and stopage of such deductions of which we knew nothing of.we again took letters to the Ghana Registered nurses association for the accountant replied to us that he sent letter to CAGD for refund and stopage, three months ago yet nothing happened. Electronic messages sent via CAGD epayslip window as indicated by CAGD but still failed ..when get to CAGD office they play the environment suiting bribe. Pls kindly redress these challenges with CAGD for they deprive rural people and by their own act punish those affected.
CAGD must ensures that before one 's salaries is deducted they should receive a concern words either through text, phone confirmation,

 Or written letter from the person before deducting such monies to financial institutions or unions or association. As per the labour act. If nt CAGD helps unknown and financial institutions to rob people paperly.

Thanks. Pls help us as we are in a group of various technical officers of laboratory technicians, disease control, health information, oral health, nutrition, field technicians etc un the upper west region who gave this letter to GRNAand further to CAGD. And others across the nation as affected.
Okay I will follow up on this issue for you
Thank u, pls. I can send to u all support materials if in need.God bless u Amfree.
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