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Plz a friend of mine has just completed certificate program in community health nursing and has been told buy the dad to move to the USA with him. But my friend does not wat to go cos he feels he will  not get opportunity to practice the nursing. While talking to him on this matter I decided to ask u if he can get chance to practice the nursing program and if possible schools for top up and requirements needed for the top up cos in the USA.
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If you want to practice nursing in USA, you need to write exams and get certified by them before you can do that.

There are a lot of schools that you can top-up  there

For a nurse trained in Ghana to practice abroad the nurse will usually be required to prove that he or she has properly been licensed by the NMC.

In the United States, CGFNS (Commission on Graduate of Foreign Nursing Schools) ensures that nurses and other health care professionals educated in countries other than the United States are eligible and qualified to meet licensure, immigration and other practice requirements in the United States. Based on the specific state that a foreign trained nurse may want to work, he or she may have to complete one or two or three of the following CGFNS programs. These are the Certification Program (CP), Credential Evaluation Service Report (CES) and the CGFNS VisaScreen and certification. The CGFNS International Certification Program is a three-part program designed to predict an applicant's likelihood of passing the NCLEX-RN® examination and becoming licensed as a registered nurse in the United States. The three parts of the program include a credential review, a Qualifying Exam of nursing knowledge and an English language proficiency examination. Applicants must successfully complete all three parts of the Certification Program in order to earn the CGFNS Certificate. The cost for the Certification Program at the time of writing this information package is $445.

The documents required for completing the CGFNS programs are: (1)A FULL transcript with an official school seal/stamp, mailed to CGFNS directly from your nursing school, verifying the total number of hours of classroom instruction (theory) and hours/days of clinical practice you completed in each of the courses you completed during your professional training/nursing program. Work experience cannot be accepted as an alternative to lack of instruction/training undertaken during your educational program. For the Certification Program, your transcripts must be accompanied by a completed “Nursing Education Form”. For both the CES and VisaScreen, your transcripts must be accompanied by a completed “Request for Academic Records” form.(2) A validation of your original registration/license as a nurse mailed to CGFNS directly from the authority which issues registrations/licensure in your original country of education (if applicable). A validation from any other licensing authority where you hold a license as a registered and/or practical nurse (if applicable). A photocopy of your secondary school diploma (high school); OR, if you no longer have your original diploma, an official letter with the school seal/stamp and signed by the principal, sent to CGFNS directly from your secondary school verifying your full dates of attendance and date of completion/graduation.

CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Consultation and Registration Services are ongoing on first come first served basis. Nurses who are desiring to undertake the Certification Program for license to work in the USA may buy and complete application forms on sale at GH¢70 and arrange for CGFNS Consultation and Registration Services

 CGFNS Registration Services

For 2014/2015 the cost for registering applicants including commission, handling and postage for CGFNS Certification is GH¢1999, CGFNS Visascreen is GH¢2399,CGFNS Credential Evaluation Professional Report is GH¢1699, CGFNS Credential Evaluation Academic Report is GH¢1799

Accra CGFNS Registration and Consultation Office

Room 1, Scholarships Center,Achimota (Opposite Neoplan Assembly Plant, Achimota).You may call 0266-733-700 for directions if you find it difficult locating any of our offices.
Kumasi CGFNS Registration and Consultation Office

Room 1, Scholarships Center,Oforikrom (Opposite Opoku Transport Saw Mill, Oforikrom).You may call 0266-733-700 for directions if you find it difficult locating any of our offices.
Takoradi CGFNS Registration and Consultation Office

Room 1, Scholarships Center, Between Magpees and Archbishop Porter's Girls SHS, On the Fijai Road ( Takoradi-Cape Coast-Accra Road).You may call 0266-733-700 for directions if you find it difficult locating any of our offices.
About the CGFNS

CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) is an internationally recognized authority on credentials evaluation and verification pertaining to the education, registration and licensure of nurses and health care professionals across the world. CGFNS administers the Certification Program which includes the qualifying examination that is required from graduates of nursing schools located outside of the United States of America who are interested in practicing as registered nurses in the U.S. It tests candidates' nursing knowledge and their understanding and use of English language skills. The successful candidates are awarded a CGFNS Certificate when they have passed both the nursing section and the English language section of the examination.